Friday, August 28, 2009

At the Mid Hour of Night

At the mid hour of night,
when stars are weeping,
I fly To the lone vale we loved,
when life shone warm in thine eye;
And I think oft,
if spirits can steal from the regions of air To revisit past scenes of delight,
though will come to me there,
And tell me our love is remember'd even in the sky.
Then I sing the wild song it once was rapture to hear,
When our voices commingling breathed like one on the ear;
And as Echo far off through the vale my sad orison rolls,
I think, O my love!
'tis thy voice from the Kingdom of Souls Faintly answering still the notes that once were so dear.

I Don't Need

I don't need a man To happy me
I don't need a man To make my life Complete
All I need Is to be love by someone
Who really cares there Are feelings I have Inside but they just
Won't go away so until then I don't need a Man to make me happy
I don't need a man to Make my life complete